The spare parts list for the Morini 3½

This is the downloadable Morini spare parts list. It is available as one big file or in small handy pieces. If you are looking for an online version, go to Peter Booths marvelous site.
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Important Notice - Preface

  • This document is a list of spare parts for various types of the famous Moto Morini 3½.
  • This document is not the official spare-parts list provided from Moto Morini. However, it is derived from it using the pictures and the data.
  • It might be helpful for finding the code numbers of the spare parts and give hints how they fit together - but it cannot replace the service manual.
  • One may distribute this document, electronically or as a hardcopy, provided that this preface is included. But it must not be sold!
  • This document comes with absolutely no guarantee of beeing complete or correct. Use it at your own risk.
  • We don't deal with Morinis or spare sparts - we just own and enjoy them.
  • Happy riding!
  • Northern Territory, Australia and Perugia, Italy, May 1999

    The entire list at once

    Download the zipped PDF (2.7 Mb) or the gzipped Postscript (3.2 Mb) version.

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    The list in handy pieces

    Currently the files are available only in zipped PDF format. The size of each file is mostly less than 150 Kb. Click on the link to download the table you need.

  • Preface and Contents
  • Tavola 1: Crankcase
  • Tavola 2: Head, Cylinder, Rocker Cover, Intake Manifold
  • Tavola 2a: Head, Cylinder, Rocker Cover, Rubber Intake Manifold
  • Tavola 3: Crankshaft, Cam, Valves, etc
  • Tavola 3a: Crankshaft, Cam, Valves, etc
  • Tavola 3b: Crankshaft
  • Tavola 4: Gearbox
  • Tavola 4a: Gearbox
  • Tavola 5: Clutch, Kick Start Mechanism
  • Tavola 5a: Clutch, Kick Start Mechanism
  • Tavola 6: Ignition
  • Tavola 7: Carburettor, Air Cleaner
  • Tavola 8: Exhaust
  • Tavola 9: Seat
  • Tavola 10: Tank, Side Covers
  • Tavola 11: Instruments
  • Tavola 11a: Instruments
  • Tavola 12: Electrical Components
  • Tavola 12a: Electrical Components
  • Tavola 12b: Indicators
  • Tavola 13: Front Forks
  • Tavola 13a: Front Forks (Standard Paioli)
  • Tavola 13b: Front Forks (Standard Marzocchi)
  • Tavola 13c: Front Forks (Sport Marzocchi)
  • Tavola 14: Mudguards
  • Tavola 15: Rear Spoked Hub (Sport)
  • Tavola 15a: Rear Cast Wheel (Sport, Standard)
  • Tavola 16: Rear Spoked Hub (Standard)
  • Tavola 17: Frame
  • Tavola 17a: Rearset, Footrests (Sport)
  • Tavola 18: Front Spoked Drum Hub (Standard)
  • Tavola 19: Front Spoked Drum Hub (Sport)
  • Tavola 19a: Front Spoked Disc Hub (Sport)
  • Tavola 19b: Front Cast Wheel (Sport, Standard)
  • Tavola 20: Cables
  • Tavola 20a: Handlebars (Drum brake)
  • Tavola 20b: Handlebars (Disk brake)

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