Sebastian's Bike History

The first bike I bought in 1990 (Even before I had the driving licence), still own and never will sell is my beloved DKW RT175S. It's a vintage (1955) German 175cc two-stroke with approximately 10HP and a top speed close to 100 km/h. It's almost in unrestored original condition - including the paintwork.

After the first season I realized that the old iron will suffer from my every-day riding and I decided to get a second bike, my first Yamaha SR500: An aircooled 500cc SOHC single road bike in a classic shape. It was build in 1982 - unfortunately with casted wheels, but customized with a big chromed tank.

In 1992 rumours were telling, that Yamaha planned to stop the production of the SR, because those days it was exported only to Germany - a few pieces per year. Already beeing addicted to the classic style I replaced my old SR, which was starting to give some troubles, with a new, even more classic one: spoked wheels and a drum in the front. Unfortunately the power decreased from 35HP to 27HP due to stricter emission regulations. Nevertheless, the bike was still great fun and I've never thought of a bigger bike ... until I tried the Guzzi of a friend in autumn 1994. Only half an hour riding was enough to infect me with the Italian virus, from which I suffered the whole winter.

Early in spring 1995 - February to be precise - I found my Guzzi, a 1000S. A perfect "copy" of the famous 750S3, 71HP, build in 1993. Imediately I fell in love with her, which led to a divorce from the poor little SR - for financial reasons.

Sometime in 1997 I purchased my second DKW, a RT200H. It's running, but in bad condition; waiting for a restoration.

Although I enjoy the Guzzi very much, I missed a small lightweight like the SR - which I found in spring 1999 during my 20 month stay in Italy: a '77 Moto Morini 3½ Sport.