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  • Eric Bergman's motorcycle page.
  • Stefan Bigalke: Although this page is in German only, it's worth visiting. Have a look at the interesting pictures of customized Morinis - from a Cruiser to a Turbo!
  • Peter Booth: This excellent site contains an online version of the spare parts list, the Dellorto carb setting guide and scanned old promotion material from Moto Morini.
  • Bruce's 1979 Moto Morini 500.
  • IanC's Moto Page: Here you'll find a brief history of some models, pictures, a list of magazine articles and more links.
  • Gerhard Gangl: This German based site is the Home of "Freunde italienischer Motorraeder Burgthann" (=Friends of Italien Motorcycles Burgthann).
  • Gianni Losi: An Italien homepage under construction (08-11-99).
  • Pastaboy: Lieven Loots' page with lots of stories and pictures.
  • JP Nicholls Morini Page contains mostly pictures of different Morinis.
  • Niccolo Rigacci's page offers an online version of a '77 3½ manual in Italien.
  • Sue Schofield's Moto Morini 350cc motorbike page.
  • Steve's story of his '84 Morini 500 sei-V, excellent coloured wiring diagrams of various models and a precise step-by-step carb balancing guide. Very useful!
  • John Stride's Morini 3½ Strada. Useful information on frame-numbers and Tarozzi rearsets.
  • Strega online presents pictures and history, as well as an online discussion forum. The pages are available in German and English.
  • Eric Webster's Moto page. Not only Morini - but nice pictures of Luzzi's shop in Siena and a Morini factory tour in 1989.

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    Parts & suppliers

  • Morini & Motorcycle Dealers Suppliers all over the world.
  • Moto Morini Suppliers mostly in the UK.
  • Herdan Corporation is a US parts supplier not only for Morini, but also BMW and Triumph.
  • NLM is a parts supplier for Moto Morini V-twins and derivatives.
  • Motoforniture MORO is a parts supplier in Italy for old and new Italian motorcycles. They do mail-order as well.
  • BUB Enterprises are building pipes for Morinis and a lot of other brands.
  • Gazelle is another manufacturer for exhausts.
  • M.A.D Motorraeder is a Guzzi and Morini dealer. Unfortunately the site is in German only and under construction (08-11-99)
  • Moto Stefano is another German dealer. He is dealing with classic Italien and Japanese bikes and spares for them. Unfortunately the site is in German only and partially under construction (08-11-99)

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  • La Strega online. La Strega is the German Morini magazine. Here you'll find a list of the covered topics in previous printed issues, a billboard, ... but only in German. Sorry!
  • Dutch Moto Morini Club online. Some interesting facts about timing belts and ignitions including a transducer schematic.
  • ML pictures presents a few pictures from subscribers to the Morini Mailing List.
  • Morini Riders of the 21st Century presents subscribers to the Morini Mailing List with their bikes.
  • Italia Connections' Moto Morini page presents a brief history, pictures and links. This site is useful not only for Morini owners but for many Italian brands.
  • The Morini Riders Club in Great Britain.
  • Classic Italian Motorcycle Association of Australia is the unofficial Home of the unofficial Club for lovers of classic Italian motorcycles in Australia.
  • Printed in Italia is a company that sells things (posters, T-shirts, keyrings, ...) related with classic Italien bikes, scooters and cars. Enter directly their poster section.

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